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Customized course for professionals.

Transdisciplinary care for young children.

Dra. Marisa Santos

You will understand how a transdisciplinary approach can guide facial growth, improve facial appearance, masticatory function, swallowing, breathing, and oral posture.

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4 online sessions, each lasting two hours.

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The student will understand the importance of early treatment of orofacial dysfunctions in a transdisciplinary approach that considers the patient as a whole and guides facial growth.

We, orthodontists, have to work hand in hand with pediatricians, otolaryngologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, and pediatric dentists to provide the patient with all the tools to reach their maximum potential, working as a team.

Knowing that the most important thing is to be able to work on a growing child to improve facial appearance, masticatory function, swallowing, breathing, and oral posture.


Obstructive sleep-disordered breathing (OSDB) is a spectrum of pathologies that are highly underdiagnosed despite their high prevalence, especially in industrialized countries.


The role of the mouth in the pathogenesis of mandibular position-related apnea, dental malocclusion, and high-arched palate. The student must understand the fundamental role of the orthodontist in improving respiratory problems, sleep apnea, and consequently, the quality of life of the growing patient.

We, orthodontists, have to understand the importance of our treatment; we have to be doctors and not just aligners.”

  • Expand diagnostic and therapeutic knowledge in the field of Obstructive Sleep Disorders.
  • Recognize the characteristics of patients with Obstructive Sleep Disorders.
  • Learn to assess the morphological and functional alterations of Obstructive Sleep Disorders.
  • Provide the necessary knowledge to the pediatric dentist in order to integrate them into the transdisciplinary team
  • Promote the detection, diagnosis, and early treatment of patients with Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB).

This course consists of 4 modules that focus on the prevention and early treatment of orofacial dysfunctions in children.

I - The modern child

"We will discuss the factors that disrupt the growth and development of the jaws, the importance of the maxilla in vital functions such as breathing, speaking, and eating, and the benefits of early treatment in a transdisciplinary approach."

II - Transdisciplinary Protocol

"Addresses the importance of habits such as pacifier use, bottle feeding, and thumb-sucking, measurement of posture with stabilometric platform, myofunctional therapy, and improvement of nasal reaction."

III - Early Treatment

"The techniques for guided facial growth, maxillary expansion, and training in breathing and chewing are detailed. It also discusses creating space for the tongue, improving language, and the position of the jaw joint."

IV - Trope premise

It focuses on why children lose the tropic premise and how to recover it. GOPEX, a set of exercises for good oral posture at rest, will be introduced.


The fifth and final module will be an open space for students to ask questions and discuss any topics related to the previous modules.

In summary, the course will provide a comprehensive and updated overview of the importance of early prevention and treatment of orofacial dysfunctions in children, along with a practical guide on the protocols and techniques necessary to achieve this.

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