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  • 4 Sessions

Transdisciplinary care for early childhood.

  • 2 sessions

Explorando la función orofacial en el niño pre-escolar.

Orthokids Academy

Exclusive access to excellence in early orthopedic treatments.

Online consultations for patients.

You will be able to directly book virtual appointments for consultations with patients, parents, and professionals.

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Training with her is a true luxury; the content of her courses is unique.
Dr. Marisa Santos is undoubtedly a scientific inspiration and the person who completely changed my professional life. Training with her is a true luxury, the content of her…
Patricia Cubells
Dentist, Spain

I want to highlight the scientific rigor of all the content I reviewed with her.
My name is Sandra Valencia, and I am passionate about orthodontics beyond just teeth. I want to share my experience after taking the personalized course with Dr. Marisa,
Sandra Valencia
Dentist, Colombia

Frequently asked questions about our courses

We encourage our students to ask us any questions about our courses and classes. We are ready to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

Do I receive any type of certification upon completing the personalized course?

Yes, upon completion of each course, students receive a certificate of completion that details the skills and knowledge acquired during the course. These certificates are endorsed with Dr. Marisa Santos's CV.

Do I need previous experience to take a course?

The course can be adapted for myofunctional therapists, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, and ENT specialists.

About me

With over 25 years of experience in a pediatric center surrounded by specialists, I enrich my knowledge in London and international conferences.

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